How to configure the Disk Usage module?


My Nethserver is tranquilly install on a 160 Gb disk… When all the Nethserver space is hardly 3gb…
Since I made my first Time Machine backup, simply 260 Gb… The Disk Usage look like this:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Can I configure the Disk Usage module to ignore /opt ? :grinning:

press Update :slight_smile:

run in console

tail -f /var/log/meaaseges


ll /var/cache/duc/

to see when the files were changed

Nope…Already do it :astonished:

show log

grep nethserver-duc-save /var/log/messages

firstly run

signal-event nethserver-duc-save

then grep

@Jim where are you?

At work… :smiley:

@Nas, I’m not sure if you’re addressing what he’s asking.

@Jim, you want to exclude /opt from the disk usage calculation, right?

Sory i see what he mean

I would imagine you add something to /etc/e-smith/events/actions/nethserver-duc-index for exclusions.

That’s the file that’s run with the daily cron job to recalculate disk usage and I believe it’s just rerun manually when you click the update button in the web gui.

edit: found it! change this line:

/usr/bin/duc index $INDEX_DIR --database=$DUC_DB


/usr/bin/duc index $INDEX_DIR --exclude=opt --database=$DUC_DB

Reference this for more cool stuff you can do! :smile:

Edited to correct lines to edit. Thanks @Nas!

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@Adam have you test those feature ?

Yes sir. Worked great for me.

Holy moley that’s a lot of Chrome tabs! :wink:

duc index /var
Indexed 22759 files and 4779 directories, (1.8GB total) in 0.74 secs.

So You are Wrong @Adam

option that should be changed :

 # directory indexing
/usr/bin/duc index $INDEX_DIR --exclude=var --database=$DUC_DB

and only after it it make right graphs :slight_smile:

Good catch! You’re totally right! … except he wants to exclude /opt, not /var… :wink: