How to configure NS Chat?

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003
Module: nethserver-ejabberd-1.8.2-1

Hello, I’m trying to configure a NS VM as Chat server. Using the web UI, I installed nethserver-ejabberd module on a NS VM bound to a remote Active Directory account provider (ldapservice as a dedicated user account in AD), I installed Pidging in Linux Mint 19.1 using apt install pidgin --install-recommends. After finishing installation I configured my user like this.

However I’m getting disconnected from time to time:

There was a problem with how this server was binding itself against Active Directory account provider. Following this suggestion, I changed “LDAP server URI” on “Account provider” from “ldap:// …” to “ldaps:// …” and disabled STARTTLS.
Problem solved.

If NS chat with the jabber module is fine for you, do keep using it. But also have a look at the Matrix-synapse install that gives you element (aka Riot chat)
And with numerous bridges, it can do voice and video chat too.

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