How to configure Nethsecurity DHCP


I’m trying out the new Nethsecurity B2
I’ve installed it on my backup VM server and try to setup up the network.

First of all the swapping of the netcard from WAN to LAN or vice versa is not easy and i did not succes in the config menu
I managed it with putty to edit /etc/config/network

Now i’m trying to setup the DHCP, but i’m not able to connect the clients to the DHCP
May it is because it is on the same network as my main server

This the config in my VM so i expect the server connect to the LAN side will get an IP from the DHCP server, but not…

2024-03-03 16_09_49-NethSecurity

2024-03-03 16_10_37-NethSecurity

Anybody some advise for me.

OpenWrt DHCP server does not start if there is another DHCP server in the same network.
So make sure the firewall DHCP server is the only one in the network.

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@giacomo is this on WAN or on LAN?

On every network where the DHCP is activated.
In this case, LAN.

But once activated it will not fail if another dhcp is introduced to the network right?


Take a look at this: [OpenWrt Wiki] DHCP and DNS examples

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