How to configure a site out Proxy web?

I have configured the proxy web with authentication mode, too I have enable and configured the web content filters where too it’s blocked
youtube; but my users needing to enter in a site web with videos of youtube embedded. How to do that the site web it’s out of the
proxy?? In other words that the rules of filtering or any rules don’t affect to site. This site are not SSL.


Please guys, is there anyone who can help @jimmyc ? @support_team @jgjimenezs @cswain @mansoor.tariq
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Hi Jaime,

Many sites automatically redirect you to HTTPS even you type http://… (FB, Twitter, Google, YouTube, …).
The embedded plugins will redirect you also to HTTPS.

If you need as some users to use/access these sites which have embedded plugins, you must to create exceptions as is written here (I have not tried but should work):



Maybe is usefull:

Profile for web content filter


Forgive me for asking the obvious, but if I understand correctly, you want to block youtube, but allow other sites with embedded youtube videos to play correctly? Or is it ok to allow all of youtube?

The bypass method Gabriel mentioned above will allow either based on hosts or on destination website, so you can put in “sites without proxy”, or you can put the individual user IP in “hosts without proxy”. The first method will allow all users to access youtube, the second method will allow one (or more) users to access all internet without restriction.

Another way is, if you are using the content filter, then you can put in the “global whitelist”. Again, this will allow all users to access youtube.

If you want to keep youtube blocked, but only want to allow embedded youtube videos, maybe this link will help you figure it out:

Try adding all the links mentioned there in your “global whitelist” of the content filter.


Thank you very much, is very interesting you information; but for me i’ts very granular. I think that my problem resolve with the site on question (a corporate site) in “sites without proxy”, with the individual user access ip; but not work; the site in question continue afected by rules the content filter.

I tried too put the site in “global whitelist”, but not work how I need, the users don’t may to work in the corporate site with videos embebeed youtube.

Thanks for you help, but if you have some one idea I would be very grateful

Thank you very much, I put the individual user IP in “hosts without proxy”, but de users continue with restrictions.

In content filter I have blocked youtube, facebook, etc. for the other users, more the typical porn, radio, warez, etc. However the users supposedly in without restrictions, conntinue affected by rules and content filter, cannot enter in youtube. facebook, etc.

I don’t know what I am doing wrong.