How to change the reverse DNS?

@enzoturri Thanks very much for the tutorial. A bit by bit I am learning even more. I got one problem though. when I get to the part to check my “Reverse DNS” (PRT), It points to my ISP’s domain name and not mine. I don’t know if I ever can change that. Or do I have to change my setting to point at their domain name?

Can you help me with that ?

You need to have your isp point the reverse dns to your domain.
Should be an easy phone call.


Thanks a million. I will call them tomorrow and see if I can convince them to do it.

To change the reverse DNS you have to call the ADSL provider. Request the change by telephone or email


I don’t have ADSL for a connection if that is what you mean.

Sorry. I meant your isp

Thanks a lot. Will try to make the call tomorrow.

Well my dream is now dead. At least until I find another ISP which provides a static IP.

Hi @Ali_Rasol ,
you have news? You changed your provider?

No. I phoned almost every ISP, and none of them provide a static IP. So I have to wait for them to make it happen one day.

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Thanks for the reply. :+1:

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Good luck with static ip search :wink:


Just wondering, what type of account type are you trying to open with the ISP to get a static IP address? A home internet connection or business internet connection?

For a home internet connection, they may have a policy where they only provide dynamic IP addresses while for business accounts, they should be able to provide you with at least 1 static IP address, even if you have to pay a small fee for it.

I work for a Managed Service Provider here in the UK and I don’t know of any ISPs in the UK who won’t be able to provide static IP addresses, so I’m fairly surprised to hear that the ISPs aren’t willing to provide them in Sweden.

Me too, also in Italy every ISP do it :slight_smile: That’s odd but I guess that @Ali_Rasol search was very accurate!

I am trying to get a static IP for a home internet connection, and I thaink that is the reason for not getting it.

Yes, that is the reason :slight_smile:
At least in Germany you can only get static IPs on business lines. They costs a little bit more than a regular line. Sometimes they are also SDSL and not ADSL so you have a better upload but nowadays that is not a big issue anymore I think.

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