How to change the openldap peername.ip in nethserver?

How I can do to change the peername.ip in the openldap in nethserver to access from another server? The point is that I want to develop a web application to change the password of users and that this will be used by themselves, and this application would be running on another server.

why do you need a web application to change password since you already have such a feature?

If users are accessing the Web interface nethserver can change their passwords but this is only if these users are within the local network or by using a virtual private network, but this is not my current situation, the question is that I have users who are not within the local network and that company policies are not being enabled vpn service, plus the server where it is installed nethserver not available to be accessed from outside the local network, so I want to have access to the server if available from anywhere for users to use this application from there.
Thanks for your attention.

forgive me, I can’t help you with an answer but…

NS is not available on wan side nor vpn are allowed… you want another server (on lan side? on wan side? vpn available?) to connect to NS ldap… am I wrong or is there something that’s wrong with it? :smiley:

don’t get me wrong but it looks like a classical X Y problem (see

I want to know is how to change or eliminate the policy peername.ip access openldap.

AFAIK the server-manager web UI is available from anywhere, by default.

The admin can restrict the access from Trusted Networks by changing “httpd-admin” entry in Network Services page.

I regularly change my password from the Internet through the server-manager panel on port 980.
My configuration is the default one.
@qchy3015, please describe your problem: what you did, what happened, what did you expect.