How to change Owncloud URL


Does anyone know how to change the owncloud URL?
For some reason my install is using the private IP of the server following by /owncloud.


How would you like to change it? You have to modify this /etc/httpd/conf.d/owncloud.conf
Let me know

Hi Alessio,

Thanks for your reply :smile:

I am after changing the URL from http://privateipaddress/owncloud to www.domainname/owncloud
I am not sure how to edit /etc/httpd/conf.d/owncloud.conf to reflect this.


It can be various reason:
If your domain name is public, without edit nothing, in your registrar where your domaine name is declared.Your create an entry for your ip local ipadress.

If your domain name is local, and you want all users of the network access by the name… You can create an alias in the DNS server.

Hi Jim,

It’s a public domain name I have, but whenever I try to access it from within my network, or externally I get redirected to the internal URL of my nethserver, which fails externally.

I think I need to change the default URL owncloud is using to use my domain name instead of IP if that’s possible.


In this case, you need the two things:

and internal alias uniquely for the “internals” users.

And wait the DNS replication… When the DNS are update, I thing the second step isn’t necessary anymore


Is the service accessible from RED ?

Thanks Jim,

I have a wildcard forwarding everything destined for my domain to my firewall.
I am then using NAT to forwarding all http / https requests to my nethserver

I can see the requests hitting my firewall and getting forwarded on to my nethserver but for some reason the URL is getting rewritten.

Can you describe the network topology?
Nethserver is the firewall/gateway and the owncloud instance?

The firewall is on another appliance? Where is the DNS server/cache?

I’d answered with “generals tips”

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your Patience. I appreciate I haven’t been very clear.

I use a PfSense firewall, which is also offering DHCP and DNS across my network
NethServer is in a DMZ which is hosting owncloud (single NIC).

my PfSense firewall is natting all HTTP / HTTPS requests to NethServer.

When I go to https://192.168../owncloud via the LAN or over a VPN connection, everything works fine.

If I go to https://domainname/owncloud via the LAN or WAN, I get a owncloud cert error for mydomainname (which is fine, it’s a self signed cert) but then it redirect me to the private IP of my nethserver (https://192.168../owncloud).

I am not sure where the deafult URL owncloud uses is set.

I hope this is the information you need in order to help me?

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Did you sure it’s an Owncloud cert error for the domain name? Perhaps it’s a browser error…
Try to connect to the Nethserver webgui with the domain name ( not the ip address ), we will be fix about this point.

Edit: I always connect to my Nethserver instance with the ip address
I just try to connect with the name, and my browser complain about the Cert.

Hi Jim,

I tried with a different browser and got the same (cert error, then owncloud cert error, then redirect to 192.168.x.x)

You have to edit the owcloud.conf like @alefattorini said.

Did you have physical access to your Nethserver?
Connect to the CLI.
go in the /etc/httpd/conf.d
and edit owncloud.conf

with vi for exemple.


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You have to follow the manual adding the trusted domain:

Thanks for your help guys,

As I wanted to redirect instead of I added to the trusted domains as Alessio suggested and Jim highlighted :smile:

An entry for already existed.

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Good! Then check solved this topic

You can edit the name of the site or not.
Example (http: // localhost / owncloud) —>(http: // localhost / cloud) Yes or No ???

Of course, check my answer on top.

I can not fix it

Please add more details so we can help you out

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I can not fix it —>