How to build a home router out off nethserver

Well as the subject says can someome help me build out a router replacement for home.
I need a list of steps and software I need, to make a functioning router firewall to replace my router.
I am bit of a noob so be gentle :slight_smile:

Hello Vlad,


I do not wish to sound arrogant or anything, its just that I do not presently have time to post step-by-step tutorial, so pardon me if all I can provide are links.

Can you take a look at the Administrator Manual?

From there, you can check if your system meets the minimum hardware requirement. Installation steps follows afterwards.

Using your internet browser, configure NethServer using this guide. From here on, it will be mostly GUI.

Time to configure your server using this how-to.

For your router/gateway, it depends on what you really wanted the server to do. You can then check the modules in Software Center. Basically, you might want to install the following:

That’s about it, you can explore its other modules/functionalities easily through GUI. If you are having a problem configuring the server, the community is always here to help you out. You can also check the forums for other useful configuration.

If you wanted to be more visual, check the searh results I queried Google.

Again, my apologies for the lack of time.




Take a look at this hardware appliance:

And install Nethserver on CentOS like @vhinzsanchez already told

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thank you guys, I guess my post was not too clear on what I needed, but this is what I was actually talking about.
I did not mean I need a a full step by step hand-holding. just guidance and advice.
also I think some more info is needed to get proper help, right? I posted the OP from my phone and even though I am OK with typing on the screen it takes lots of efforts, so try to be concise doing it.

first of all let me tell you that I am not just posting here in hopes of getting all the help here. I did search the internet and still do, doing research as much as I can.

so here it goes:
I have a Lenovo ThinkCentre M58p
Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 3160.0 MHz,
1 build-in Intel PRO 100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet

  • 1 PCIe Intel Chipset 82546 Dual Port Gigabit 8492MT 1.25G Server Adapter Network Card

I got that specifically to run Soppos UTM on it. I am sure it is more than capable for NethServer :slight_smile:

the thing is small and tight so can not have more than 2 HDD in it and it is only if I pull the DVD out. the MB have only 2 SATA connectors so only 2 devices capable.

I also have 2 128GB SSDs that I can use for the setup if needed.
any suggestions are welcome.

I am hoping to try out the build this weekend and see if I can
make it work.
next step is to build out my SuperMicro VM/File server.
as I said before I really wish NethServer would already move to CentOS 7 base. but it is still in Alpha :frowning:

Ehi man, what’s up? Did you manage to set up your file server?

yes I am almost at the point to try and build out my nethserver router setup.
I have my File/VM server up using OMV+virtualbox+SnapRaid+MergerFS
all seams to be running steady and reliably for the last week and a half.
I am doing some fine tuning now

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This is the craziest how to I have a cross

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I hope @vhinzsanchez would convert it into a new doc for the #howto section