How to block navigation on TOR browser?


(Federico Ballarini) #1

NethServer Version: 7
Module: Firewall and Proxy

I have configured Nethserver 7 on a Server into a school.
I’ve blocked all the ports: the only open ports are 21,22,80,443 and one or two again… With this method torrent download is blocked or too much limited.
I have also configured the proxy to block some websites… to bypass the proxy (very good job with HTTPS), someone use tor browser.
Do you know a method to block navigation on TOR browser?

Federico Ballarini

I do not receive and send whatsapp messages
(Marc) #2

You may install and configure nethserver-ndpi module, for deep packet inspection.

(Federico Ballarini) #3

Ok, thanks. I will verify it as soon as possible.
I give you a response monday.

Federico Ballarini

(Carlo) #4

Hi Federico , can you send us a schema of current configuration ?
you use nethserver connected to a router and use it as a firewall?

(Federico Ballarini) #5

I have alredy verified by RDP connection.
It works! I addedd a rule to drop TOR and Bittorrent packets.
Thanks again.

Federico Ballarini

(Alessio Fattorini) #6

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(m_farlotta) #7

Well let’s take a timetable to make sure I have the credentials to connect remotely to my nethserver
Thanks for now

(nicola) #8

hi, could you explain to me step by step?