How to backup a NAS?


Well, for now, my backup plan is fully okay.

And I already plan to extend my Nethserver instance to be a Plex Media Server, to host:

  • Videos.
  • Music.
  • Photos.

But, before add a bunch of disks in the MicroServer, I ask myself… And because raid is not a backup: How to backup such quantity of disk space?
And don’t answer another NAS :grin:

I only see 2 (affordable) options:

  • a 2nd NAS (at home or at another location)
  • Using online backup/storage with something like backblaze or crashplan. (how are you going to manage encryption?)

Or would an USB external drive be sufficient? However, you will take some, albeit low, risk with a single disk. The chance both your server and the usbstorage dies together is very low. It might happen, for example when your house gets destroyed, but then I think you have other things to worry about when that happens.

argggg another NAS… It seem it’s difficult to escape this solution :unamused:

The online backup is not a good solution (for me)… It seem good until you need to restore.

I will look if is possible to easily change the HDD in the Time Capsule, in this case, it could be a good option…

Well, I suppose you could add another raid array to your server and sync the primary array to the secondary array.

Actually, the bay 4 is the system.
The bay 1 is the Time Machine… ( 1gb )

When upgrade, the Time Machine will be in the bay 3

And the bay 1 and 2 for a software raid( I will see the size depending of the backup ). So I will need another backup system…

Another array in the same server don’t sound good… In case of motherboard injury… The two arrays are lost.

Well, you don’t want another NAS… :wink:

Yes, When you said another array… I think about Smart Array card and another bay.

But, it can be only a USB array… I will look this solution too.

I also think now to put two HDD with the same size in the bay on and bay 2 and only use one of them, and regulary rsync on the second one.
I know that it’s not optimal because it’s in the same machine, but it’s better than nothing, affordable…