How to add Root AlterEgo

Good morning everyone.
What is the right operation to create a root alter ego that can access the entire dashboard?

hello @rMoggia welcome to the Nethserver community. We hope you are enjoying NEthserver 8 so far.

I am curious as to your question, could you kindly give more information on what you require and what you are trying to achieve?

NethServer7 or NS8?

On NS8, root is not used to access the dashboard (cluster-manager). The cluster-manager has it’s own admin account.

Good morning and thank you for your attention. In my organization they installed Nethesis 7.9.2009. The supplier company provided us with the account (root) to access the dashboard. But there are two of us who we would like to manage. With two different accounts

Hi @rMoggia

Nethserver 7 did have a delegation module, but this was for the older NethGUI (aKa Server Manager).
Cockpit does have options for delegation.

But: NethServer is EOL in 30 days !!!

My 2 cents


USer Delegation is a planned Feature, Maybe to be available with Version 8.2. I would have loved if it was among the priority features

That one being Said, Note thatits possible to Have more than 1 administrator users in Ns8

this can be found under settings

I hope this can help you, as you wait for limited access administrators


This guy is still using NS7!!!

oops my bad, i had read it as, they used to have that feature in ns7 and now maybe require it in ns8.

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Thank you all. I’ll try.