How much to charge?

Hi there guys,

I don’t know how much I can charge for a Netserver install, I plan to charge 800€ for an installation of Nethserver and 20 machines client.

¿How much You charge in Europe for a basic installion?
¿for a visit of maintenance?

Let’s discuss this topic!!

Well, I think it is important to first have design document that says exactly what you are going to ‘install’, set expectations and time lines, and very important, when the job is done and must be signed off.

Then a service delivery document stating how you are going to support, what the support costs are per server/client and what is included or not included.

Once you have a less rough idea, you can make a one-off deal for the installation.


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@LayLow lays out some good considerations. As far as the Nethserver license is concerned, you can charge as much as your clients are willing to pay.

Hi Hector,

The design document of LayLow is an ABSOLUTE must. Don’t leave home without it.

800€ for 20 machines is 40€ per machines not counting the meetings, the planning, the discussions, the meetings again, the document, the changing of mind, the installation of the server, the connection to the Internet, the backup configuration, (the share folders), the testing, the education of the clients, etc… It seems way not enough…

In the design document, specify that they have to pay 75% of the contract after installation of the server and one station and you will see if they are serious.

What is your hour rate compared to a car mechanic’s?

Make sure the client machines are up to date. Some of them might be near a complete disaster. Out of 20 PC operators there is at best only one unsatisfiable one. If you touch a PC and something goes wrong, you will loose a lot of time and who do you think they will blame?

Usually multiply the time you think it will take by at least 1.5 and you will be almost near reality.


Michael, thanks for Your answer,

I’m here in Colombia, and the few responses that I’m having here clarifyme the objective, and is a good Idea to compare to car’s mechanics (in Colombia the prices are smaller). Now I’m thinking in the kind of contract, the inconveniences it’s bit hard, but is setup this topic to offer a good quality server.

After 18 months I replaced a SMEserver, my boss was so afraid, but Nethserver solid rock stability at the end wins.

The true I’m afraid that Nethesis result in another Zentyal (they sold the proyect to Microsoft and the rest is history).

This is the bureau work, I’m a complete ignorant and begginer in such area, be independent is more sacrificed than be a simple technician.

Hi Héctor,

NethServer will be here for a while.



I think you have to distinguish between implementation and support.
So, as what @LayLow said, it is very important to make clear what they can expect from you. Installing a server and adding 20 clients to the domain is a relatively simple and small task. You have to be clear in what is covered with that initial task. Especially when this task ends.
And yes, they probably come back to you with additional requests. IMO then a new job starts. It is up to you if you offer them a ‘per hour’ based or fixed price SLA for after install support.
It is important to segregate the 2!

/offtopic Come again? Can you give info on this, because this is completely new to me. I have not been around in the Zentyal community lately, but I never heard Microsoft purchased Zentyal…

Hi robb, it appeared in the page of Zentyal in the Year 2015. Microsoft gave them money and they change the licence Y losed about 3 clients by the gabage software that zentyal delivered since then.

NethServer seems to be more mature, I’m trying to comercialize it.

This is getting offtopic, but back in 2013-2015 I was very closely involved with Zentyal and the only company that invested in Zentyal was Openocean Capital This is the company that initially invested in MySQL too.
The only involvement of Microsoft was around 2015 when they hosted the protocols plugfest
As far as I know, at no point there was a takeover by Microsoft.
Zentyal did go to towards Microsoft in a technical way: They pursued an opensource 1-on-1 replacement of Active Directory + Exchange. Especially the Exchange part (OpenChange) never became stable enough for production. (and is a dead project now, it looks like the website is not owned by the project anymore since it is a betting site now)


robb, I remember the day that they said that microsoft agreement; my boss was so upset…