How install WebTop / NethTop on Nethserver community

does enyone have some info on woh install webtop / nethtop on nethserver community ?

I’ve seen the presentation at #neth15 … and I’d like to try it for collaboration platform


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As any other package in testing:

yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing install nethserver-webtop4

Thank you Giacomo

I succesful installed Webtop.

Now I’m tring to access to http://myserver/webtop

I have 2 issue:

  • I login only with admin user (for Roundcube I can login with Win 2008 AD users) ; it doen’t accept user in the windows domain

  • the page in the browser is all blank , using both IE and crome … I suppose I don’t have something installed on W7 …

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does anyone know how to login into webtop with windows AD domain users?
I have NS 6.6 as part of an active diretory structure …


You can’t. Sadly there is no support for AD users.

So actually, the only collaboration platform that integrate with ad users is SOGO ?

Is it so also in the enterprise edition ?

Yes. Maybe in next release (WebTop 5) we will have such feature but I really have no idea. Maybe @gabriele_bulfon knows something more.

I confirm it, at least for the time being. Maybe in the future we will work on this but there is no plan yet.

Actually, being AD an ldap server, authentication of Webtop users on AD should be possibile, by selecting ldapOther as the authentication mode, and then specifying correct ldap parameters to direct the query of users.
We have never directly tried it on a real AD, but it definetly should be possible.

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WebTop has been released, you can install it from the Software Center, otherwise:

yum install @nethserver-webtop-groupware
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