How I can manage router wifi

Hello, how I can manage a router lan; this is the example:

router lan this ip came form the Nethserver, and the ip lan of the router is

How I can get in the other lan, thats call intervlan.

(I hope I understand correctly)
What do you want to manage/connect to the wifi router with?
If you use a Windows pc on the network card put a fixed free ip, out of DHCP, class 10.0.3.x then add an alias on the same network card 192.168.0.x.
You can also do this on linux.

I can help with this if you can give me just a little more info.

the nethserver give the router for ex. the ip and the router give a lan to the pc and I don´t have control in the PC with th ip that give the router.

Seems you have 2 DHCP servers on your LAN giving out IP addresses in 2 different scopes.
I’d say: disable one of the 2 DHCP services. Probably the one on your router is best to disable if you use NethServer as accountprovider on your LAN.

the router is a wifi router.


In a company or similiar environment, a Wireless Router (Creates a new, seperate Network) is a No-Go.

There is a big difference between Wireless Routers, and Wireless Access Points:
The first, as said, creates a new Network, the second, a wireless AP does not create a new network (different IPs and so on), but can be seen as an extension of “wired” networks, just without wire.

A Router will often come with a hard coded router function, often so crappy implemented for small homes, which do not have a second device. Those boxes supplied by Internet Providers are almost always Routers, with wirless function…

A couple of Gotchas (Problems) with additional wireless routers in a network:

  • Discovery doesn’t work well
  • Connections between Servers (No Wireless) and PCs / Notebooks are often difficult (They’re in different networks)
  • Airplay or Google’s DLNA will often NOT work over a router, in case of Apple, this is due to restrictions posed by the Media Companies, for DLNA it’s probably the same issue…
  • Printing can also be an issue.
  • Other issues

WiFi Routers, like the well known Nighthawk series by Netgear can’t easily (or at all!) be switched to AP mode.
Often, the only possibility is to deactivate anything to do with WAN, deactivate DHCP, and only use the LAN connections on the box… (Just had such a Nighthawk last week).

There aren’t that many WiFi-APs available on the market as WiFi Routers…

My 2 cents


Totally agree.

There are some Mesh Routers that create a subnetwork automaticly, its a wierd setup.

As for the topic.

Try plugging your wlan equipment alone in your notebook, configure and disable DHCP settings.