How i can login to SOGO NethServer v7B2


I am new on NethServer, i like try SOGO + Thunderbird integration for sharing address book an calendar data.
But how to login to SOGO admin panel from application SOGO,
i mean with credentials ? and password?.



Hi @Czeslaw_Mruk

Users and Passwords are the same created on Nethserver web interface.

Form https://NethServerAddres:980 go to the section Management / Users and Groups
(replace NethServerAddres with your server ip or name)

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Thanks for reply,

maybe more details about my installation, it is fresh install on top minimal CentOS 7 installation,
i add SOGO + LDAP + Mysql + NextCloud.
my users and group is empty - no users and groups yet.
Is there any manual or “how to” SOGO on NS 7b2?

what i am trying so far is “root” credentials not working, can’t login,
user created during CentOS instillation not work,
“admin” + password from “/var/lib/nethserver/secrets/sogo” not working
"root " + password from “/var/lib/nethserver/secrets/sogo” not working,

any clue where i can find credentials with i can login to web SOGO admin panel?

regards c.mruk

create an user and try… if it works, you’re done, if not, report back

Hi @Czeslaw_Mruk welcome to nethserver.

I did a quick installation to help you and was successfull with this steps:

Please create a user called admin. If you login with this user and his password, SOGo will recognice it as administrator ( or something else).
Every further user you create in the uersers and group panel, you can login as normal SOGo-user.

Hope this solves your problem.


Than you @flatspin,
i create user admin and it’s works, now i can login to SOGO.

Another question. is this manual is will work
Sogo Thunderbird integration

or i need do something else? or have to use another method?

regards c,mruk

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