How I "break" my Nethserver gateway/router


Since yesterday evening, I break my Nethserverver gateway/ router installation…
I have two NICs in the GREEN zone with two differents LAN, and want the traffoc passthrough the two LAN.

I was connect to the LAN2, When I make a new zone GREE1 for the LAN1, and apply change.
It`s seem ok.
I make a zone GREE2 for the LAN2, and when I apply, all stop!!! no more connection for anybody :cold_sweat:

I’m end learning that a LAN can’t be in two zone at the same time ( the existing GREEN and the new GREE2 )… Now there 2 new zones without any rules for the firewall… 2 limbs.

How can I clean this two zones? and and put back the two lans in the GREEN zone like it was before in the CLI way ?

Dear Jim,

  1. You can make changes to shorewall configuration /etc/shorewall/policy /etc/shorewall/zones ;
  2. You can make changes to db configuration.

In /etc/shorewall/zones
I made de alteration, but nothing news…

How can I make change in the db configuration?

db networks setprop eth2 role green 

signal-event firewall-adjust

Nothing want to work… I’going to reinstall all

Went for a fresh reinstall of a minimal CentOS 6.6.
when install nethserver-release-6.6.rpm, it`s ok.
When I go for Nethserver-install,

I`ve got error nb 12, with the mirror… Apparently there’s lot of time out…

How to select another mirror?

Edit: unable to do the install from and either :cry:

Errno 256 no more mirrors to try

It was a problem with the opendns servers…
Put the google dns and it’seem ok now…