How do you share your partitions?

Good Morning!

First a big praise to all who have made it possible the 7.3 version so works!

It really is a milestone!

All deficiencies in the area sssd are solved :wink:

But now a completely different question, how do you share your partitions??

My standart looks like this:

/                         10GB           (DOM 16GB - sda)
swap                       4GB           (DOM 16GB - sda)

/var                     16GB           (HDD RAID1 - sdc1 & sdd1)
/var/lib/nethserver     900GB           (HDD RAID1 - sdc2 & sdd2)

The NethServer provides the following services:

  • Fileserver
  • Mailserver
  • SOGO
  • VPN
  • Nextcloud



I like your partitioning.
We could discuss the pro and cons of having /var separated from /var/lib/nethserver.
Some food for thoughts:


Why having /var and /var/lib/nethserver on separate partitions when they actually sit on the same raid1 volume?
IF you were to separate /var and /var/lib/nethserver I would do that to have logs on a separate volume. In that case I would even opt for a separate physical disk to put /var/log on and put /var on the raid1 volume.

My consideration was that during a new installation the data seperat on a separate partition lie.
Data security is not an advantage.

I can only use 2x 2.5 "disks and two DOMs due to the size restrictions in the case (Mini ITX in a small case)

Hi guys,

I’m almost ready to replace our Win 2k8 DC/AD/File Server with NS 7.3.

The last step before do that, is, of course, is “how do you share your partitions”?
I have tried a topic regarding this but without success.

Usualy, in Windows, for almost any server that I made/make, I use 2 HDDs (250 - 500 GB) for OS in RAID1 configuration and 2 HDDs (1 TB or more) for data storage in RAID1 configuration.
Sometimes, for data storage, I use at least 4 HDDs in RAID5 configuration.

Because I am beginner in Linux, I have some questions and I need your opinion regarding “my partitioning scheme”.

Partitioning scheme:

2 x 250 GB HDDs, RAID1 (let’s say: for OS):

/boot: ~ 5 GB - xfs
swap: ~ 8 GB (I have 8 GB RAM)
/var/log: the rest of HDD - xfs

4 x 1 TB HDDs, RAID5, LVM (let’s say: for data storage):

/ (root): all (~3 TB) - xfs or ext4?


  • this partitioning scheme is viable?
  • the swap can be on RAID1 or should be on RAID5?
  • which file system should be used for data storage? xfs or ext4?
  • this partitioning scheme preserve data in case of reinstalling NS on RAID1?


Yes, IMHO the boot is too bigger :slight_smile:


XFS should be a little bit better.

No, you need to do a custom installation.


Hi @giacomo !
Thank you for your downright answer! :laughing:

In the meantime I read a lot of about partitioning scheme.
A lot of opinions on forums and articles, but I read carefully and documentations from RedHat, Ubuntu, …, especially regarding RAID and swap on RAID and file system.

  • Yes, indeed! A lot of space on 250 GB HDD! :grin: I think that 1024 MB is enough.
  • RAID 1, of course.
  • XFS
  • Yes, I thought that a custom installation is required. I think the “storage partition”, RAID5 LVM, will be added after the “first installation” will be done (the short story). Am I right?
    I don’t know yet how to do, but I will ask for help if will be necessary! I hope will not be necessary! :grin:


Yes, if specified during the installation.
Otherwise you will need to do it by hand.

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