Partition schema for AD

Hello everybody,
I had a server which i indend to create AD, but there could be some MySQL/PostgreSQL and HTTP instances

Server configuration

  • drive 250GB - intended for “/”, “/boot”, “/tmp” and so on
  • RAID 4TB - for share folders, DB, and WWW

My question is how to do a proper partition for that server?

I have found that NethServer Samba AD stores folders at /var/lib/nethserver dir.
How about databases and www sites?


Hello Dominik!

This is an old request from me, this concept I have implemented and looks quite well :wink:

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Hello Gerald,
Thank you for the info - i have also readed some NS docs, posts, faq’s and found that NS holds almost all configuration in /var/lib/nethserver.

Thank you for your help!