How do I remove a physical volume from an XFS-formatted LVM VG?

Hi there,

It looks that there is no solution for my problem but I wanted to give you the last word you experts :slight_smile:

So my system consists of a VG spanning on two PV. The file system is XFS. I’d like to remove one of the two PV by moving the data (pvmove) to the PV i want to keep.

Problem is that the system complains that

WARNING: No free extents on physical volume "/dev/sdb1".
No specified PVs have space available.

So I guess I need to shrink the LV and thus the filesystem… which happens to be XFS and cannot be shrinked (not implemented as far as i can see).

What are my options beside reinstalling from scratch ?

Thanks for you insights !


dump, mkfs and restore

Here is a tutorial that describes dumping and restoring XFS in a VM with Systemrescuecd.

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