How do I integrate Outlook 2013 with SOGO 3?


(Daniel Mogollon M ) #1

I have installed my NS7 as a mail server (along with sogo 3). I have read about using Outlook 2013 to share calendars, counted, etc. I have configured an email account with Outlook of type Exchange ActiveSync and after accepting, it happens to me next:

  1. The total of all received emails is not synchronized (I have verified it via web sogo and via thunderbird).

  2. If I create an event in the calendar, should not it be synchronized automatically in the outlook calendar?

  3. Likewise, if I create a contact, should not it be synchronized automatically?


(Jeroen Visser) #2

ActiveSync works, tho not always looking as you expect …

The calendar works afaict.
Contacts too wide … which contacts?

Mail gets properly synced unless there are folders in folders and both contain mail, and you used imapsync to import.

(Stefano Zamboni) #3

don’t expect outlook to work as in an exchange environment

IMO you’d better use imap for mail and a connector for caldav/cardav

but a better choice would be remove outlook if you can

(Michael Träumner) #4

At connector you can use caldav-synchronizer.

(Rob Bosch) #5

I tend to agree on getting rid of Outlook if you don’t have Exchange as a backend. I am using Thunderbird/lightning for years now with SOGo and it works for me.

(Jeroen Visser) #6

The only thing not working so far, is assigning rights from Outlook.

You need some heavy tuning in sogo.conf as well. I increased number of workers to 90 and the vmem size to 4mb, had to increase to 20GB of memory and 4 processors to get apache/sogo to properly handle ~40 activesync connections to 15 mailboxes. Some with up to 25GB in them.

It works like a charm now, tho Outlook 2016 is preferred for stability, and some issues can arise when the folder structure is ‘funny’ I suspect imapsync issue due to user error (me).

(Daniel Mogollon M ) #7

Thank you all for your answers and comments, which I have read and from these I have made the internal solution.

For customers with Outlook 2010 I am using Outlook CalDav Synchronic (good suggestion)

And with my Thunderbirs clients, there’s no problem with SOGO.

(Rob Bosch) #8

WoW, I didn’t expect Activesync being such a resource hog… :astonished:

(Jeroen Visser) #9

It’s due to using appache and each client needing a sepperate worker … something that Exchange server handles more elgant it seems. We do have insane usage … each of our mailboxes is at leas 10GB in size, most in sent items, inbox and deleted items, all is mision critical.

We can be compared to a 100 people regular and sane company :stuck_out_tongue:

(Rob Bosch) #10

deleted items are mission critical? :stuck_out_tongue:

(I would urge those guys using deleted items as archive to switch to a real archive directory… )

(Jeroen Visser) #11

…I am going to force them, but I had no clue prior to migration what a mess some people made of their mailbox :slight_smile: