How do I fix a full root partition?


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Greetings All,

tldr; Had the same problem. Wanted to document the solution I found, maybe see if the manual, default disk partitioner could be looked into to prevent others hitting it?

I’ve had the same issue with Nethserver 7.9.2002 allocating 409GB of a 500GB SSD to the home partition, and 50GB to the root partition after performing a Manual? install to work around an issue when initially installing. Sorry, the details are a little fuzzy.

Not being an expert on Linux disk partitioning, I definitely told the partitioner to wipe the whole disk and went with its recommended defaults and got everything installed.
I assumed the 50GB was a user quota, and continued on.

Later, finding the issue, and discovering xfs filesystems can’t be shrunk, found an excellent guide, which I have just followed and appears to have resolved the issue for me.

It backs up the partition, deletes it, and recreates a smaller volume. Restores the backup and frees the space.

How to Shrink XFS File System on Enterprise Linux 7.2 - Ed Chen Logic

After completing, the final step, is to login to cockpit, head to the Storage page, click the
/dev/centos_neth/root filesystem link.

Select it again from the logical volumes, and use the “Grow” option to add the newly freed space to the root volume.

Thanks for the help of all who have come before, and hopefully this may prove useful to someone else further down the line.


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