How do I add a docker instance to a subdomain with letsencrypt?

Can someone walk me through, making a docker instance adding the reverse proxy to the subdomain and having it render the site with css loaded

I’ve currently acquired the ssl certs for the subdomain and have the container running but the best I can manage is running the container through the aqua network to a folder on the main site when I desire

All your youtube videos are 3 to 5 years old. Perhaps some new ones with Cockpit on things like this and “how to setup the mail server” would be awesome thx

I guess you used an URL path rule instead of virtualhost name rule, see documentation.

It should work like this:

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Ok my setup is a bit different, because this is running on a vps, I want to reduce the amount of ports open as much as possible. Also having “localhost:9999” would mean an unencrypted point of access would be open on my server exposed to the web. So I’ve been putting the internal docker network address to that one container with the internal port it uses as the link in reverse proxy settings. It kind of works but does not render css

May I ask which docker container you are using so I can test it?
Some sites have CSS issues with the URL path rule, please try the virtualhost name rule by creating a reverse proxy with the desired domain name in the “Name” field pointing to your internal docker network IP of the container.

Sorry for the late reply, it is the Akaunting software docker instance
I’ve connected it to the aqua network and used the internal 172.28.0.x ip address with the port number, which internally is simply 80 so no need to specify it I’d imagine. I forward this address to a subdomain of my domain which has a letsencrypt cert. it obviously finds it because the text for login appears, but again, no formatting or graphics :confused:

If need be I could send my docker-compose file (adjusted for privacy) if that helps?