How can we give a good visibility to the wiki

I’m wondering how link to the wiki…we need link to

  • a chapter about the community documentation in the administrator manual (someone can fork the github repository and do a PR)
  • in the top menu of discourse
  • a link in the menu of (or in the menu documentation)

@AbsyntH, @sitz, @Ctek, @stephdl, @WillZen, @Jim what do you think ???

I’m thinking about a new landing page with 2 links, one for Discouse, one for Dokuwiki.

One ling in the hamburger menu from Discourse to the wiki.

One link in the wiki left menu to Discourse.

There’s not way to ping a team?

I don’t know ??? a discourse expert is needed…maybe google knows

dokuwiki links to all ressources I know

why not, I though something more visible

I don’t like too much redirection, I would prefer a link somewhere to dokuwiki

yep, the mention should work. Just for the group members

It’s a way to not to choose between the forum and the wiki wich one has priority on the other.

I don’t understand…why do you want to choose one instead of the other, a link to switch from one to the other is necessary.

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Actually there only one entry: “community” in the main site.

Clicking in this menu item, to access a new landing page , with all to know about the community and to place 2 link to the Forum and the Wiki. The two are on the same plan.

If the “community” menu, go to the Forum, and there’s a link to the wiki… Discourse is prioritized.
If the “community” menu go to the wiki, and there’s a link to the forum… Dokuwiki is prioritized.

Another solution, could be two rntries in the menu, “forum” and “wiki” in place of “community”.

Hi guys

as many other open source projects around the world I suggest to crete a main item for Wiki or DocuWiki at the left or right of the Community link of the main site.

So, an example coulkd be:

…Wiki Community Documentation…

or a combination of these three main item.

Just one click and user can get access to the relative place without be confused.

What do you think?

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If I search for information I prefer to find it easily.
I support the link to the other pages so I can go direct.

The best would be the same menu order on every page.

Isn’t wiki belonging to the documentation? I think that we should add it on this link:
What do you think? We can re-organize that page as suggested by @Jim

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I vote for my suggestion :joy:
A landing page like this one is a perfect hub:

Edit: So a new landing page with three links ( forum,wiki,actual documentation) with a nice CCS to male link like botton :smile:

I like the proposed landing page but I propose a link in the menu of the wiki, community and documentation to come easily to the other sources.

Yeah…i agree…links are needed…it is simple and useful

I’d like to work on community white header putting some links on it: NethServer site, documentation, wiki… I need some time for play with css :smile: