How can i update SOGo from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1

Hi friends,

what is the right command for update to the newer version?


Hi ,

yum update sogo :smile:


I’m sure is centos command:

yum update ‘package name/s’

  • Used to update the specified packages to the latest available version. If no package name/s are specified, then yum will attempt to update all installed packages.

  • If the --obsoletes option is used (i.e. yum --obsoletes <package name/s>, yum will process obsolete packages. As such, packages that are obsoleted accross updates will be removed and replaced accordingly.

From here:

Now i am a little bit confused. I can do what ever i want. There is no way to update sogo.



Wow wow , dig more deeply in the forum.

Use repo from SoGo site dorectly and make updates.