How can I migrate everything to a fresh OS locally?

Hi everyone! It’s me. Again…

I need to move the whole system from a 1 drive config to a 2 drive RAID1 config. I successfully booted the old OS on a different computer, so everything is working while I’m configuring the new one.

On the new one, I was able to install the OS perfectly, it’s totally fresh, so nothing on it. Yesterday, I tried to use backup/restore to move the config files. It worked but that the problems came in.

I tried to move databases as well (wordpress, nextcloud) with backup-data but it wasn’t working. I had many issues with not loading them. I could make the wordpress database and the website working but then, the mail system wasn’t working. My iPhone couldn’t connect but my Mac could. Then, I installed SOGo for ActiveSync but it had access issues to its sogo database.

I tried to use rsync for migrating but it migrated many files but not the necessary ones.
Nothing changed after it.

So this morning, I decided to reinstall the new OS again and start from scratch but with a little help.
How can I move a whole working system to the new drive config including mailboxes, users, nextcloud files (which are using default encryption, so I can’t just move them around in terminal)?

I have the backup-config and backup-data on my file server. It was very tricky that I could’t figure out how I can restore the backup-data as it didn’t scan for the available backups.

Sorry for a dump question like this! Again…



See this post, it might help you…

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