How can i install nethserver v7 Alpha?

I want to ask you guys how can i install nethserver v7 Alpha2 on CentOS 7? this version has facility of Web Content filter, and this is the reason why, alpha 3 is of no use for me. os6 versions doesn’t work on my pc, whether it;s centos or nethserver, soi have to live with v7. Please post the installation procedure through yum, so far your document page only offers procedure for alpha 3

NS7 alpha2 no longer exist! Alpha3 is on development, we will release the content filter soon, please be patient! :pray:


Okay sir, waiting anxiously for it. I Don’t know why version 6.x refuses to work on my pc while version 7 works as good as it should, so only way left for me is to yum install newer version when it releases along with web content filter.

Did you try NS6.8 beta1? Minor releases improve the hardware support!

The main reason i want to get v7 is because Centos v7 Works well on my Lappy, and nethserver also gets installed by yum method, but Centos v6 doesn’t boot at all even though i search for the grub solutions, but none of them helped, v6.x doesn’t detect my Wireless card, i am a newbie in Linux just started using it because of web content filtering, and This is why i have to install centos GNOME desktop version, so i can access the menus easily. Nethserver comes without desktop, and this is why i cannot connect to my wifi through terminal or able to know if wireless searches for WiFi networks…so i chose Centos. And currently only v7 works and also allow me to dual boot. Whereas v6.x has some issues with grub or something that i cannot fix as newbie. Hope things are much clearer for you that what is my problem :slight_smile: i have tried v6.8 beta 1 as well with no avail…only because of boot issues…it stucks on grub rescue mode and no solution that i found in internet works.