How can I install apache in Netserver 8


Is there a way to install apache in Netserver 8, I have install my first Netserver
and I alway use apache but I can.t see apache can be installed


I have no experience with v8 yet, but I take it, if there is no module yet, it needs to be developed. I am sure devs will be more than happy to assist you with that.
You can get the idea how to go on this overhere: Building a Nethserver 8 Module if SOurce is Docker

There is not an apache module but an Nginx module.

Do you need Apache, or do you need a web server? The latter is already there in the Nginx module Marc mentioned. If that won’t do what you need, why do you particularly need it to be Apache?

nginx is light and fast, normally everything is done to start without issues but yes you could add also some directives more

Please guys, this is not an NginX vs Apache discussion. Nor a “there is NginX module so you don’t need Apache” discussion.
Asking for Apache webserver because someone is accustomed to that over NginX is (IMO) a legit reason to ask for such a module.
Can we get pragmatic and go for the procedure on how to create a module for NS8 like we have for NS7

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At the Moment i beleive the Apache module would be way too complex for any community. member to implement, unless the Dev team themselves take a go at developing it themselves.

I am not sure in NS8 we might have howto for general installs, as for most, complex projects, a module is required.

basically what we could need is a Howto Package existing PHP WebSever APP to NS8 Module and HowTO Package Docker Modules to NS8 Modules

How to Package Existing Podman Images to NS8 Modules.

Overall the Dev Documentation has Alot of Gray Areas, which i am hoping will be resolved as more community members attempt to write modules.

If its possible to install Apache and configure it without creating a Module, would be fantastic,

if its not possible, how much Development Time and Effort is required to modify the existing Nginx Module to fit with Apache

I can’t completely agree here, at least without knowing more about OP’s question (which is why I asked). Does he need Apache specifically (and if so, why)? Does he just need a web server? Does he need features or controls for the web server that aren’t implemented in the current Nginx module, but that Nginx is quite capable of doing?

It’s often the case that what people ask for, and what they want, are two different things–and this feels like such a situation to me, though I could of course be wrong about that. Hence the questions–trying to avoid a XY problem:


I have allways used apache and I have a lot of config files thats work to my setup
so I don’t want to go with another webserver , and I think there will be many others who will also use Apache, so it must be a good thing to get an Apache app
I will find another solution if there is no apache app, and I see it will take some time
before I can use apache with Netserver 8
maybe there should be a list of app in Netserver 8
I only found out after I installed netserver 8
I could not use apache


there are certain solutions that are implemented with specifically apache configs and config files,

to be able to use nginx you must be a guru to modify those structure to the relevant, and thus, i gues why he requires apache.

most especially a number of multitenant systems, with multiple domain redirects, and some url shortners

To install Apache on NS8 you have to either follow the video tutorial and its slides, or create a NS8 module.

In NS8, ports 80 and 443 are occupied by Traefik, which is an HTTP reverse proxy. Therefore, an Apache instance must be configured as a backend service for Traefik.

If you want Apache to act as a reverse proxy, this might not be suitable for your case, but it is still useful if you are running Apache for other purposes.

Nevertheless, you can place NS8 behind an Apache reverse proxy running on another system. This is a scenario that requires some improvements, but it is already functional for simple host-based reverse proxy configurations.

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