How can i get that little v7-beta2 category in a topic of the post?

How to do this? :hushed:

IIRC when creating a new topic there’s a text field (under the body message box) to add tags. At least on desktop computers but I don’t see it on mobile.

You can also use the pencil icon near the title and add the desired tags.

It seems i’m blind, can’t find it. :sweat_smile:

In general i’m very good in searching, only that finding is always so hard for me…


Please see the attached pictures.

Click on “chose optional tags for this topic”.

I am seeing this:

you beat me to it Gabriel… :wink:

Ahhh, could it be i have to work myself up a bit and earn more badges :joy:

…and both beat to it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s also on the edit title:

Nobody beat anybody!
We are a Team!

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can not find those options;
@alefattorini can you shed a light on this?

You said it!
My fault, I set TL3 requirements to edit tag, now I lowered it to 2. So you can do it.

I’m thinking of lowering it to 1 so everybody can tag posts :slight_smile: but restricting tags range a bit.
I don’t want duplicates and ambiguities

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You stole it from me ! :disappointed_relieved: …Just Kidding…

Just want to say: giving members the ability tag with the version is clarifying!

It’s still there! Check your title field :slight_smile:


Check this