How can I export the certificate to pem

Hello together.

The Requirements of OCS-Inventory of Nethserver needs a certificate called perm at the end. Can anybody help and explain: How can I export the self-certificate of my Nethserver and change it to cacert.perm for example?


Hi Mario,
In VPN-panel go to user acccounts, klick on arrow at actions to open pulldown and klick download. A selection will apear with pem or pkcs12 or x509CA. Klick download.
I think taht’s what you’re looking for.

Hi Ralf

Thank you for your answer, but that’s not what I’m looking for. For the first, I’ve not installed VPN and secondly I’m looking for the Server-Certificate (SSL). I think it is a Apache certificate.

Yesterday - I took a detour over the Firefox (Morzilla) and exoprted the certifictes to “*.crt”, “p7c" and ".der”. So, I think a crt-certificate is also a pem-certificate.
Today I will try to use it, maybe it works.

bye Mario

I’m so happy yet.
I have found the solution.

  1. Export the Server-Certificate over the Internet-Browser

  2. Copy the certificates to a share of your NethServer (\myNethServer\share) for example

  3. Open a ssh to your server (Putty or something like that)

  4. Enter the following command at the ssh: find / -name “*.der”

  5. The result should look like this /var/lib/nethserver/ibay/share/Zertifikat/NethServer.der or something like that

  6. Change to the directory: cd /var/lib/nethserver/ibay/share/Zertifikat/

  7. Check whether the certificates are present, with: ls

  8. You should find for example:NethServer.crt NethServer.der NethServer.p7c

  9. Now must be converted into a PEM certificat with follow:
    openssl x509 -in NethServer.der -inform DER -out NethServer.pem -outform PEM

  10. Check it with: ls
    The result should look like this: NethServer.crt NethServer.der NethServer.p7c NethServer.pem

Done! :v: :relaxed:

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Happy to read you found a solution yourself. :smiley:

Ehi Mario thanks for your notes.
Look helpful, can you create a new article on our wiki?

I can try to do it. How can I create an article in wiki? Is it necessary to register as a user? What exactly will needed for wiki ? At the begining I could to need help. You have to know that I’m a german and my english is not the best.

Create an account, or sign-in with github/google then follow this guide
If you need help @docs_team will be happy to help
Link the howto here at the end.

Hi @Mario_Spang don’t worry I can help you. I am German as well and my English is also not as good as a native speaker but it will be good enough for 90% of the user. Should I proof read or if you need any specific help write me here in the forum or send me an email.

To prevent an unfinished howto at the User Guides create the howto in your directory an when you are finish copy it in a new created file in User Guides. Please add the tag on the end of your file.
To find out the different format I opened an existing howto with the needed format to see the way to do it.


Hí there, I´m having problems with the OCS SSL certificate,

I’m going to try this tomorrow in the test server I’m using, does anyone can confirm if OCS is working with the windows client, I can’t make it work.

Thanks in advance.

Hey You,

So, if you wanna use the OCS-Client, you need the certificate of your Nethserver. Copy that into the folder were you installed the OCS-Client. When you start the client for the first time, you will be asked for the certificate.

If you want to export your certificate, you can do this by using the dashboard in your preferred browser. Put in your IP address, for example: On the left you will see an exclamation mark. Click on it! Here you can find your certificate (show certificate, show details). Now you can export it. Save it as you want. X.509 is, for example, PEM. Finished.

That’s it.