How can block .exe .bat .dll

Hello, how I can block download files .exe .bat .dell .com and any bad extension.

Where are you trying to block this at; email, web filtering, file server?

download from the web

I love people who put full question into the first post. So for today, @kristian1369, i’m not in love with you. Please, don’t blame me :slight_smile:

Anyway: you have to create a filter into Web content filter
Triple check everything, save and reload the configuration, than have a test. If you don’t succeed, into troubleshooting section
you can find base rules to start the process for refine (or correct) the filter you wrote.

Hi @kristian1369,
you can set it at the webinterface

But I don’t know if it works for https now.
@giacomo Do you know?

No, it doesn’t work for https, we can’t see what’s inside the https request.
Given that about 80% of the web traffic is https, I’d simply say it doesn’t work. :slight_smile:

Is there no chance to encrypt the full url (not only the domain) without encrypting the content?
I ask, because I think you can see the file extension at the url.