How about PowerDNS?

I just became aware of Nethserver, and have not yet deployed it. From what I have seen so far, it seems like it uses dnsmasq for it’s DNS and DHCP functions.

I love the flexibility of PowerDNS, and was wondering if it is feasible to use it instead of dnsmasq in Nethserver. I guess this will depend on how tightly bonded the rest of Nethserver is to dnsmasq …

This is just a prelimnary pondering … If it is feasible, I would like to give some time towards trying to get this done …

Thanks in advance for any suggestions …

The DNS configuration (dnsmasq) is quite tightly bonded to the core system.
In the old releases we tried to separate the main system from the DNS part, but it was really hard and finally we almost integrated it.

Thus, I think we can run multiple DNS in parallel (sure on different port) as we do with unbound.

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Which additional features powerDNS should offer compared to dnsmasq? I don’t know it very well, can you explain what do you miss in the actual implementation?


This guy on quora summarizes it … sorry to post a link instead of the points directly … but his answer is brief and to the point. He also left out dnssec as standard built in feature.