HotSync PowerEdge R440 & PowerEdge R450

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009 (final)
Module: HotSync

I have a poweredge R440 xeon silver server as a master running as an AD DC which has accommodated 1000 users, my boss will buy a new server with a poweredge R450 xeon silver type as a AD DC backup.
can i apply for hotsync?
I only use 1 network card that is embedded in the server by default.

I’m from Indonesia, I’ve been using this netserver for 4 years, and I had to make a decision to buy a new server for backup.

Hi @Mustika_Niagara

We now have 2023, native installs should not be done anymore.
I’d suggest installing Proxmox as a Test.
You get live Backups, Cluster Features, Live Migration, all for free!
And Rock Solid!

PM me, if you want a visual demo…

My 2 cents


It’s good that you mention it, I just have uncertainty at the moment haha. I want to implement an active directory, I have two somewhat old servers, an nx430 and a poweredge R310, both with 8 gigs of ram.But precisely I want to have a backup server, so I don’t know whether to install NS7 Baremetal or install proxmos on each server and from there install virtual machines with NS7.

What really makes me doubt is the RAM of each server, because obviously proxmox consumes ram, and I consider that apart from that it would be the ram of the nethserver, so I don’t know how good or how bad the performance would be, there are approximately 200 users and 600 computers.

What do you think would be the best option?

Thanks in advance.

Get a newer Proxmox, and make a well available AD Server!

Those two boxes are much too old for any performance.

My 2 cents


It’s a school, money is the least there is lol.

Anyway thanks for your response.

Do you think that with some relatively new PC it can work? Because that can be, it could be a Dell OptiPlex 7050 core i7 with 32 gigabytes of ram.

That would be a lot better, can cover 200 users…

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Thanks, I’ll think about it, cheers.

@uebmaster hi, I don’t know the arrangement and the detailed configuration among your servers. What comes next is my personal opinion…

If both servers are RHEL 7.0 compatible and have less than 16gb of ram, use bare metal might have some performances and overhead advantages compared with Type 1 Virtualization (ESX, Virtualbox, Proxmox, whatever). When you fail enough times for bare metal recovery (try several times for write down the dumb/hurry/sleepness-proof instruction and notes), NethServer works quite well as a startup from the dead end.

Advantages for the virtualization (even the one so proudly sponsored and profit-gaining for @Andy_Wismer) is that the migration among hardware is quite easier. You can start your cluster on your old server than move the machines on newer hardware (well supported by Proxmox or ESX) with less problems, because you can “configure” the hardware you want to interface for NethServer.

But it’s not necessary: I mean… with enough time and try, you can start NethServer on VirtualBox, then go physical, than go ESX, than came back to phyisical with the same path:
Backup old server, install new server, update, shutdown old server, restore config, restore data (adapting network adapters). This path can lead to longer downtime, but they are viable (I have personal experience about that).

It’s something wrong in Proxmox? Absolutely no.
Is necessary have a type 1 virtualizator (like ESX or proxmox)? Depends on goals, needs, hardware configuration.


my uncertainty was if i could do it with proxmox instead of bare metal. But when I read that what I have didn’t work, I understood that it didn’t work to run NS7 directly on the server either.

I don’t really have anything implemented yet, so based on your comment I’ll do the test.

I will install NS7 directly on a server (R310) and I will make the backup server virtual on a desktop computer only for emergencies, because I already remembered that one of the servers (NX430) only supports windows.

In fact, that’s why I entered the forum, because I remember that someone said that NS7 could be used as a secondary domain server in windows server.

But when I entered I saw this thread and that’s why I asked hehe.

Thank you so much.

… I don’t think that you remember right.
You can attach NS7 to a Windows AD, accessing the userbase and allowing services without create a second userbase.

Buy if you need a companion DC for Windows… you have to pay license and CALs to Redmond.

It has been done (NS7), verified by the devs, but NOT SUPPORTED and not suggested for use!

(Found It…)

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According to the wiki…

This procedure is experimental and incomplete. It is not designed to work on production environments. It does not integrate with NethServer backup/restore procedure.

Using a bandaid instead of proper fixing device like clamps or welding, is calling for troubles on pipes.
Use an unsupported way to get around nethserver for “make windows believe” to have some buddy can lead to exciting while danger and unstable places…

Procedure was written as proof of concept in october 2016. I think that at least two versions of Windows server came to market after that. And some more revisions of Samba, Microsoft SMB and many others patches…


You can repeat me as much as you want, I already said this procedure is not meant to be used, it’s not even finished, complete or whatever.
It exists, that’s about all one can say.

→ Maybe also it never was finished, so it can’t be considered working!

Don’t touch, we won’t support you! - We’ll probably still be laughing! :slight_smile:

My 2 ccents

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