Hotspot Dedalo Configuration

good morning;

I am reading the guide for installing / configuring dedalo hotspot. I ran the installation of the Hotspot Unit package. I have set up the dedicated network interface as per information. I don’t understand how to activate the maze hotspot with its captive portal that redirects me to self-registration via sms. Sorry for the questions but it’s a new world :slight_smile:

thank so much

Did you use this howto?


no, tanks for link.
it seems very laborious, I’ll read it calmly

Yes and no, you can say the local installation is laborious, @mrmarkuz and me spent a lot of time to get it running, but after we have known the problems, it was not a big job to install it again. If you have any problems, of course we will try to help you.
On the other hand, dedalo hosted on digital ocean it’s not labourious, with vagrant you have a ready to use template for digital ocean.

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