Hot-Mamma! I’d like to share a fun stumble upon I recently discovered. I’ve spun up a new NS vm to test out a firewall/vpn deployment. Everything went well with a standard ISO install/update and deployed a vpn connection testing out some firewall rules/logging. For fun I ran a trace route on a win 10 box on the other side of the VPN and noticed Hot-Mamma.localdomain resolving to the NS box. Pinged from the terminal of that same NS box and got a localhost response. I spun up a second VM to see if I could reproduce the same dns resolution to the local host without doing any of the VPN setup and the answer was yes. Not sure where this is pulling that name from but kind of a lol moment for me.

Anything localdomain is going to get a response from local.

I can see that but where is it pulling the Hot-mamma from?