Hostname validation error during setup

Dowloaded latest ISO file (nethserver-7.6.1810-x86_64.iso).
Used unattended setup.
Accessed on NethGUI/Server Manager for second stage of setup.
Assigning Hostname I received message

Fully qualified domain name
must contain at least two dots, like “

for hostname NS76_Test01.test.local, same message for ns76_test01.test.local; issue stop to be triggered removing the _ character, like ns76test01.test.local

I don’t believe the underscore is a valid character in a hostname, though if that’s the case, the error message is still misleading.


I did some search job

Valid characters for hostnames are ASCII(7) letters from a to z , the digits from 0 to 9 , and the hyphen (-). A hostname may not start with a hyphen.
reports parts of manpages. I were wrong about the character _

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