Hostgroup shows Error on creation


I try to create a hostgroup for firewall rules.
First I added the hosts at the “Hosts”-Tab.
After that I switch to the “Host groups”-Tab and want to create a new Host Group like this:

When I click on Submit, I see this:

What the message wants me to do?

Hi, why on the second screen there are no Members?
Also please share Host page :slight_smile:

Here it is:

I don’t know why the members are missing after the “Submit”

Problem exists with IE11 on Windows Server 2012 R2 and Chrome (latest) on Windows 10

It must have something to do with the hosts. I created another group with other hosts. That worked.

OK, I got the Problem.
I cannot create Host Groups, with hosts, that have an underscore ( _ ) in the name.
Definitely a bug :wink:
If it is the GUI or the moduls behind the GUI, I don’t know :slight_smile:

You’re right, this is an inconsistency of validator between pages :confused:

IIRC the “_” (underscore) is not allowed in hostnames :no_mouth:

No longer true, RFC 2181 permits underscores in hostnames.

ok for DNS; I’m pretty sure also Linux allows an underscore in host name. @Hunv, what about Windows?

For NetBIOS:
Everything is allowed except /:*?"<>|
The Period (.) has a special function.
Underscore is allowed

For DNS:
Only Alphanumeric, minus (-) and period (.) (with special function).
Underscore is NOT allowed

and some more where it is OK and where it is not OK.
Because it is not OK for DNS: Don’t do it.



Looks like we have a Windows Savvy here in community :thumbsup: