Host alias in Ns8

Hello everyone, in neth7.9 I have always had the ability to insert virtual hosts (see image). I wanted to know how to manage if you can from Ns8. At the moment I had to provide through Pfsense (see image) . Without these parameters the glpi , roundcube etc. services do not work .

Thank you .

i am lost, what are you trying to achieve on NS8 and what is not working?

Example: if I install glpi, roundcube etc. obliges me

To enter an fqdn that will always be the ip of the server

Ns8 .

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I don’t understand: do you think Ted’s issue is the same?

Hi Davide, I think it is in part. With nethserver 7 , the declaration of the mailserver or ftp server was done via alias . For certain configurations where the server is not public but in lan ( a port 443 and 80 in dnat from my firewall pfsense ) , aliases are a valid solution . in my neth7 , through alias I have always declared its host name .ddns and entered in the alias list with let’encrypt activated .

In addition, thanks to the reverse proxy of neth7 or always used a single certificate then of the server and redirected many calls to the 443 on other servers of the lan (guacomale, zabbix, piwigo, glpi, and part of the neth7 services (webmai, cockpit etc.)

Ns8 requires you for each app or service to have to declare a virtualhost that clearly needs to be managed as a whole to obtain another valid certificate. Personally, I only have 3 ddns hosts. However, my configuration is a bit articulated and the part of the resolver is entrusted to the pfsense including the strings for the mx records and the management of the reverse zone. I’m just sorry that I’ll probably have to install ha-proxy which should have more options. However, ns8 as far as I am concerned is not the evolution of ns7 but another server with different technologies and different structures, so I think it is incompatible to try to transform it into something different that remembers the old. Sorry if I was long-winded.