Horde ActiveSync Imap

I have a strange behaviour when the mobiles are synced with Horde in NS 7. Calendar and addresses are synced correctly and also all mail folders except the user’s Inbox folder itself. I wonder if that has to do with the folder hierarchy which is different in NS from other dovecot systems. Any ideas?

Cheers, Ralph

Hi Ralph,
could you see the inbox mails at the horde webinterface?
Don’t know which client you use at your mobile phone, but could you have a look if you can change the IMAP Server folder. At K9 Mail it’s named startfolder for example.

Yes, I see the inbox mails at the horde webinterface.
My client is Nine. Do you use ActiveSync for Exchange or for Imap?

I don’t use active sync at all. But I tried with IMAP and it works. Adressbook and calendar you can sync with davdroid.

Okay, that’s an alternative. Did you get IMAP Push working? As far as I can see the NS dovecot lacks the necessary plugin.

Didn’t try this. Think you can install the plugin manually.

EDIT! Sorry didn’t register it’s an old question.