Homepage app ns8 testing

Hi, this is a module for:


just to be clear, I’ve never used homepage before and obviously I haven’t made an ap for ns8p, so the chances of there being problems are high :innocent:

a colleague of mine asked me to “install somewhere” homepage because he had read this:

and so I took the opportunity to try to make an app for ns8

if anyone wants to try it, to install:

add-module ghcr.io/dz00te/homepage:1.0.0-alpha1 1

then configure the homepage hostname in the app settings page in cluster admin (LE Certificate and Force https options are present but yet to be tested :sweat: )

shortly after startup the dir should be populated with the default configurations, something like:


and you can start editing the various .yaml to customize homepage

to do:
certified LE tests
test Force https
backup/restore test
see how to create a widget for ns8

Advice on both the homepage and the mudule are welcome. thank you and be patient I still have many things to study and time is always short :vulcan_salute:

thx to ns8dev doc and github account of @stephdl @mrmarkuz @oneitonitram :raised_hands: :wink:


Hello @dz00te congratulations on your first NS8 app. A beginning of greater things to come.


Great work and nice app :+1:

:white_check_mark: All tests passed!

I tried a little bit but no success for now…they really have much plugins

I think it’s populated when you open the homepage in the browser.

One little cosmetics advice:

When you use --volume ./homepage-config:/app/config:Z \ in the homepage.service file, then you get a shorter path to edit the files.


runagent -m homepage1 nano homepage-config/widgets.yaml

runagent -m homepage1 cd homepage-config
nano widgets.yaml

nano /home/homepage1/.config/state/homepage-config/widgets.yaml

In this case the directory needs to be created so you need another

ExecStartPre=/usr/bin/mkdir -p homepage-config

before starting the container in the homepage.service file and you need to include the new dir in the backup.


Uh you’re being good at certificate new apps

That’s the mindset

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wow! better tha an AI automated test :grin: thank you!

right! :+1: I’ll write it in the readme (sooner or later)

nice! i’ll try to update today, thx

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You’ve earned you new medal! Congrats!

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