Home folder location

(Nirosh Chaminda) #1

Can i change the original home folder to /root/mycompany folder in order to easy access of ibays and other user folders

(JamesMillar) #2

It’s possible, you’ll have to link the folders to the original location. I did that and moved all the home and share folders to a RAID 5 disk.

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #3

You can also use mount with --bind options :wink:

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Can i mount the home directories of my users on another drive?
(JamesMillar) #4

Actually, come to think of it; that’s what I did. It preserves ownership whereas linking doesn’t.

(Stefano) #5

please define “easy access”, because your question makes no sense to me…

there’s no reason to change phisycal location/mount point of home dirs as long as you know where they are and access them via clients

finally, explain your problem and not your solution, thank you

(Nirosh Chaminda) #6

I mean, if we mount a ibays we have to type long path every time. If we can move ibays to up it is easier i think.

(Stefano) #7

an ibay is shared as yourserver\ibayname

so, again, where do you have to “mount” your ibay so that its path is an issue?

(Nirosh Chaminda) #8

/mycompany on the root

(Stefano) #9

ns_nirosh, your answer, once again, makes no sense…

what are you trying to achieve? the whole plot, please, thank you

(Nirosh Chaminda) #10

I try not to archive. Try to copy and paste some files to and from user accounts. Bcos each user account is visible only to specific user only.