Highpoint RocketRaid compatibility with CentOS/Nethserver 6.7


Does anybody use a Highpoint RocketRaid 2710 or any similiar raid card? The thing is that I would like to have Nethserver 6.7 on the raid, but the pre-built drivers Highpoint is providing are for CentOS versions 5.8, 6.3 and 7.0 (no 6.7). Does anybody have a similiar issue or does anybody know a reasonable workaround to this problem?


Driver for 6.3 should work on 6.7.

I would not use anything that is not supported in the kernel and, generally speaking, nothing that is not RH certified

I will try it out, but the support told me that the pre-built driver can only be installed on the specific version. But I will try it out for sure.

Yeah I guess.
Anybody a recommendation for a cheap hardware raid card?

this sentence makes no sense to me…

cheap raid controller means a fake raid card: don’t need it, don’t use it

you don’t really need an hw raid card if you can’t afford the price :smile:
just use the sw raid: affordable, reliable, easy to administrate, fast enough (on modern hw you won’t notice the difference… well… on a 10 disks raid6 maybe :slight_smile: )

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I agree with @zamboni better use mdadm as a solution in such a case.

Unless you invest in a real hardware raid card (dedicated memory and battery backed etc) you better use software raid through the OS.

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