High memory consumption

Hello friends!

I’m running Nethserver in a test environment, and the memory consumption is high. I have only 7 users using the squid service.

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Linux uses RAM in a smart way… forget all you learnt about ram consuption in windoze…
since yours is a virtual machine, just be sure it won’t use swap…

moreover, squid is a RAM hungry daemon…


Thank you for your help.

I was kind of worried about it, production will work with 160 users.

if so, I hope this is only a test machine… 4 GB of ram for 160 users with squid and AV scanning is not enough

Exactly, this equipment is only for test environment.But we will use it after the testing period to 50 users at most another building company.

Production equipment will be this.

Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1220 v3 @ 3.10GHz
4 CPUs: 1 package(s) x 4 core(s)
500gb hard disk
8gb of Ram
3 network interface (wan, lan and DMZ),

It’s all fine!
You should be worried only if swap is becoming full (the bar will turn red).

See: http://www.linuxatemyram.com/


Thanks all for you help!

Here it seems that due to the high memory consumption, the backup service has shown failure.

So I restart the server, and the backup runs normally.

The server is not yet in production, and already noticed this problem on other computers.

Somebody else is having this problem?

Thanks for all

From the dashboard graph, you still had a lot of free swap space.

Can you check if the kernel killed any process during the backup? Look inside the /var/log/messages . Also, id you have installed collectd you can take a look to memory consumption graphs.

My guess is that could be a duplicity bug.