High memory consumption NethServer 7.9.2009

High memory consumption

Hi guys, it seems that the cockipt update has increased the memory consumption of the Nethserver.

Is there something correlated with a recent update?


No, I found no RAM issue about last cockpit update. How much did it increase?

Maybe also interesting:


yes maybe we miss some evidences

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Analyzing the consumption I might even be wrong about the condition of the problem appearing after the cockipt update. But based on statistics, coincidentally I noticed the highest memory consumption after the last updates.

If you can help, thank you.

I don’t see anything unusual, 2,21G of used RAM is quite low for a NethServer with some apps installed.
I think you should sort by memory to get all the RAM eating processes.
Suricata/IPS or tomcat (Webtop, …) for example are known to use a lot of RAM.