Hi to everyone in the community

Hi, i’ m Carlo Gigantini, freelance sysadmin from Brescia, Italy. I’m new to Nethserver and i’m getting to do some tests on it. I’m primarily interested in his mailserver functionality, and then i hope to find it a great piece of software like it seems. Thanks.


Welcome to the community.

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Welcome here from another “bresciano” :slight_smile:

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Correct. By the way, how can i translate in english " Pota gnaro!" ? :slight_smile:

Pota should be translated as ‘prune’
I fear gnaro will be something nasty?.. :crazy_face:

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Well Robb…:slight_smile: when you speak using a local slang there are a bunch of things that are impossible to translate. But listen to me: do not fear “gnaro” (“boy” or “pal”). Fear “pota” :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard Carlo :smiley: