Hi! May be migrating

New user to the board, may end up being a new user to Nethserver as well. I’ve been running SME Server at home since before it was SME Server, and am looking into possibly migrating to another platform. My data, and particularly my emails, go back for at least 15 years, and I don’t want to lose them.

I have a number of web apps running on my server (a couple of Joomla! instances, a Nextcloud server, a web page for my home weather station, etc.) that I’ll want to migrate. I also have a number of contribs installed, but it looks like there are comparable modules available here, which should make that straightforward enough.

I’m sure I’ll have questions, but I’ll see what I can find in the docs/wiki/forum first.


Hi @danb35,

feel free to ask if you have questions…

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Email -> imapsync or maybe rsync since sme and ns run dovecot for imap

Contrib =module here, check the ns wiki.

Joomla is not a contrib but with nethserver-virtualhost and nethserver-phpscl you can run whatever web application you want.


I see there’s documentation on migrating a complete installation, which is probably what I’d want to be doing.

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