Hep with the UPS

I have an EATON SP850 UPS and connected it with the serve where Nethserver is running.
In the list is the EATON 5P not listed only the EATON 5PX. On the disc is software include for LINUX as well. Is it possible to use the software from the disc with the Nethserver?
If yes how?

NethServer 6.6 is CentOS 6.6, follow Eaton instructions for CentOS.
Maybe selecting 5PX will work even with 5P, have you tried?

Yes I did but it didn’t work.
I will try to use the software which came with the UPS. If it works I will post it.

The EATON comes with an RPM packaged. I don’t know if I can install the software or will this interfere with the UPS software of Nethserver.
How can advice me?

you can install it, as log as you keep disabled NUT service on NS…

you won’t be able to use NS GUI

be sure rpm is for CEntos 6 64 bit

The package is for RedHat. Is this ok?

It comes with an GUI via browser.

Do you mean with:

I shouldn’t enable the UPS software in the NS GUI :question:

no, don’t use NS GUI… the software you’re installing has nothing to share with it, and vice versa…
so, don’t enable NUT in NS GUI

@zamboni Thank you for your help
I did uninstall the UPS software of NS and installed the RPM packaged for RedHat which cam with the EATON UPS. The software couldn’t find the UPS if I connected via USP but via RS232. I am working in this issue.