Helping with translations

Hi guys

I’m getting just more and more impressed with your soft
I like to contribute with language translation (Polish)
Can I get a tip where to start?

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Hi Zimny,

here there’s a discussion about translation:

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This :point_down: and lot of other resources here:

Thank you guys,
Just to say open source community support on your project should be an example for the lot of commercial software selling for thousands
Hope some day we can organize some international conference/meeting for all the fans to meet in reality


I am really happy to see that you feel at home in our community and took it a step further by helping out on the translation part. :+1:

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book your plane for the fosdem then

Ok got there and try to start do the pro work,
I can see that some contribution in my language have been done to somehow online translators, I mean if you know NS you can better understand the meaning of the text,
can we setup the demo server just to see how the basic translation is working with actually NS UI?
I think this can be help full for the translators and the project in the same time
Some of the futures and functionality can be translate in the same time in somehow “howto” meaning.
This can help nonadvence user and better understanding of functionality

Have a look here:
Once you have logged in, you can switch between translations by editing the locale: for english for German for russian


Unfortunately the pl locale is not available (yet) But I understand you will be working hard to get this one available too… :smiley:
btw, when you log in with the provided credentials, you can choose locale too.