Help with Routing

Hey guys, I’m back with another question.

Here is my setup, I have 5 public IP addresses. 4 with DNS records 1 without.

1 is for Nethserver/mail
1 is for windows server
1 is for pbx system
1 is for web server
1 is for user traffic (no DNS record)

For the three IP addresses not belonging to NS I am forwarding ports from their respective red IP addresses to their green IP adresses.

From the red side everything works without a hitch. However from the green side when I type in the FQDN or the External IP it directs my to my Nethserver. Is there something special I have to do on the green side?

Thanks in advance!

NethServer Version: 7
Module: Routing

Look for Port Forwarding -> Hairpin NAT


Wow, I feel silly, all fixed… Thank you!

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