Help with restore of a specific folder in maildir

NethServer Version: 7.9
Module: restore-backup

Suddenly I noticed a folder in my maildirectory was missing. Going through the folders, just to see if it was moved somewhere, but it is not to be found anywhere.

I am quite sure this folder was there 2 days ago (probably yesterday too), so I would like to do a restore of that specific folder in the maildir.

Whatever I try, the webinterface doesn’t allow me to select that specific folder.
Anyone can point me towards the correct method of restoring the folder?

OK, I solved my problem in an unconventional way: On my phone I use K9 mail client. It still had an offline copy of the directory and I managed to copy all mails to another directory. So I have the mails back.

Now for the sake of using the restore functionality properly, can we come to a procedure how to deal with this situation?

I can’t reproduce the issue using duplicity saving to cifs. In server manager I chose mail folders, searched for a mail folder, selected and restored it. Which backup engine and storage backend do you use?



Is the folder grayed out or is it not shown at all?

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I am using restic over webdav

I get a message that no files/folders are found when I dive into the path of the vmail directory.

Now I see your example of choosing the folder, I get what my mistake was: I put in the complete path instead of a single foldername… silly beginners mistake… :see_no_evil:
I was able to restore the folder.

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