Help with resolving Nextcloud warning - Your web server is not properly set up to resolve "/.well-known/carddav and caldav

NethServer release 7.6.1810 (final)
Nextcloud 15.05 (Latest Version offered by Nethserver).

Hello Support Team,

I’m seeing the following warnings on my Nextcloud and I’m wondering how I would resolve them:

  • Your web server is not properly set up to resolve “/.well-known/caldav”.
  • Your web server is not properly set up to resolve “/.well-known/carddav”.

Is this something I need to manually configure to resolve these warnings in Nethserver/Nextcloud? I see there is a link to documentation but that is for a Nextcloud install. Seeing as Nextcloud on Nethserver is slightly different I thought it best to get advice from the Devs here.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide me.

Unfortunately, Nextcloud seems to be treated as a second-class citizen in this regard–apparently the devs would prefer you use Webtop or SoGO (or however it’s supposed to be capitalized) for your calendar/contacts. I opened a thread on just this issue a few days ago, nothing but crickets:


Hello @danb35, thank you for your comment and linking to your post. I missed your post when I was searching.

For my usecase, my hope is to leverage Nextcloud as our central repository within our office. I’m already using Nextcloud for all our documents and I’ve also added the App ‘External Sites’ to link to other web apps within the office. One stop shopping for all our important tools used within the office. I’m looking to use the Contacts App within Nextcloud and have my Webtop mail use the Nextcloud Contacts App as my central addressbook. I have another question opened to the Webtop Team for that task.

I’m hoping the Nethserver Support Team responds to both our posts to help us achieve what we are trying to implement.

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